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Have you heard of Immotef yet?

When you feel like changing jobs at a certain moment in your life it is always difficult to get the right one. Changing jobs in the same industry gives you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. For those active in the construction industry we have been wondering. Have you heard of the newest building technologies of IMMOTEF?

IMMOTEF is a worldwide company active in Belgium and the Netherlands. Their core-business focuses on software as a service applications that all construction companies will make their building processes improve. In comparison to other companies the applications of IMMOTEF are ready-to-use. No waiting time or extra fees for the development. It is ready right away.

IMMOTEF is an expert in building SaaS applications. They already developed three tools that the BIM (Building Information Model) helps or ‘automizes’ the buyer to start the project and bring it to a good end. They make it possible to put all visuals in Augmented and Virtual reality. The communication runs via software and customer relationship management systems.

To start, we have the AR Mapper, a one-on-one displayer of the reality that shows how it should be. They literally ‘add’ a virtual 3D layer to the reality. Via the application on your tablet you can go through a certain room and see through several materials. Every BIM layer can be visualised in 3D on scale one-to-one. Via the BIM model you can only receive the information, but you cannot see the result. That’s what the AR mapper is for.

Next to that they have another application: the AR Check which is mostly used in factories. Via the application it is possible to see if an object is put in the right place. It checks, as the name says it, if everything is ok. Traditionally the labourers would start from a 2D blueprint here. AR CHECK allows to cut mirrored production and reduces the assembly time.


At last they have developed a VR Designer. If you want to see a certain colour or material in a certain room before applying, you can use the VR Designer application. It’s an application that dynamically changes everything as you like it. Next to that users can also place décor or furniture. The tool makes it possible to design a certain place from the first-person perspective and from top-down view. When everything is designed the webserver will calculate the total cost for you.

As you see, Immotef can help you prepare your construction plans and it helps you to see how it will look like when it will be finished. Before starting the project, you can make adjustments, show people the end result and together you can look for improvements or changes whenever needed. If the buyer isn’t sure about a certain colour or architectural phase you can convince him or her by showing it in the application. When a person sees the right visuals, they will be more persuaded. You will only get bonuses when using the Immotef applications.

Go and check it out IMMOTEF

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