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Ready for your first job or time for a change?

But you have never done this before? No idea what to put on your resume or how to start your search?

Stop worrying, we have a 5-step guide. Ready

1. Make sure your resume isn’t sloppy. Go for a tidy lay-out
First things first: consistency is key! Do not send out your resume in a simple Word version but try to use a nice graphic template and save it as a PDF-file. The internet can surely help you with this. Stick with one font style and don’t change it ten times throughout your document. The same applies to the font size. Keep it simple. Also, e-mail addresses like ‘butterFLY_99’ etc won’t convince recruiters either.

2. Proof your knowledge but do not exaggerate and don’t lie!
Being able to sing along ‘Hola, baila morena’, doesn’t mean you speak Spanish. If your basic knowledge doesn’t reach further than that, don’t mention it. When you refer to an excellent knowledge of Word and Excel, we hope you can do better than type & copy some words or cells. But if you are a master in making pivot tables, you are absolutely worth the excellency. It’s good to be confident but don’t put the expectations too high.

3. Don’t be vague
Recruiters are eager to know more about your previous working experience. If you have worked somewhere explain what you did there. We believe that ‘you learned a lot’ and ‘you liked it there’ but that isn’t exactly useful information. Mention your specific function, tasks and give examples when possible. The more details, the better. Keep it organized. Try using bullet points because long sentences won’t catch the attention. Also add a reference to your resume. This shows that you are proud of what you did and you’re not afraid to prove it. In such way, your credibility rises.

4. LinkedIn is the new thing
Not only your resume but also your socials are extremely important when on the labour market. Which means: make sure that you are present (but not ‘too’ present). Keep your Facebook and Instagram pages decent and clean. Drunk or naked vacation pictures are not exactly attracting.
LinkedIn is the key to success while looking for a (new) job. An appealing profile is the perfect start to a new career. Keep your profile complete, synchronized and up-to-date.
It’s a business-related platform and a real paradise for recruiters. The best way to get in touch with them is to make sure that your profile is complete, synchronized and up-to-date. If you just finished your studies, it is completely normal for your page to not have any working experience. Don’t worry! If you have a gap in between jobs. Again: no worries! Just explain what you did in the meanwhile. For example, you went travelling or took a sabbatical year. Everything is okay. Adding these things to your page will give it a personal overview.

“It’s good to be confident but don’t put the expectations too high”

5. Let them know what interest you
Spontaneous and online active people get more attention. So use keywords, be present and mention your interests. Comment, share and like all you want. That’s how recruiters will see your profile.

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