Efficient home-working: go check it out

In times of Covid-19 we are forced to work from home and we all know that it’s not as easy as it sounds for everyone. We would like to help you get through this period.

When you have installed your home desk you won’t get the same routine as you have during a normal working day. Some of us are used to waking up early because they know they might be stuck in traffic. Well that won’t happen, which means you can sleep 30 minutes or one hour longer. Little (positive switch) in the daily routine that can bring happiness with it.

On the other side most people enter the office in the morning, say hi to their colleagues and go straight to the coffee machine to have a little chat with other employees. Today you wake up, you have your kids or partner there or you might live alone. Depending on your situation it will be an adjustment for you.

“Keep yourself to a schedule

A home-office can give you the feeling that you’re locked-up inside because you spent all your time on the same spot. Therefore it is important to work in a certain area that you can close after working-hours. Try to make a setting in a different room where you do not sleep or eat. That will give you a feeling of closure and peace in the evening. Also, make sure that you won’t get distracted easily. If you work in front of the television, you will be tempted to go and check the news or watch a certain television program.

If possible, go for a walk before you start your day. It breaks your routine and does not give the feeling you just have to wake up and go straight to your desk. Also, end the day by leaving the house for a couple of minutes. That will help you to decompress being home all day. Try to get a little Vitamine D, take a little walk in the garden or sit on your porch.

For some it’s also a helpful to dress up every morning, even though you won’t meet any people in person. It will give you a different feeling instead of wearing your pyjamas all day. Most of meetings will be switched into virtual meetings via Skype or zoom. If you have one of those planned, you might check some things first to avoid inconveniences.

  • Does your microphone work?
  • Does your camera work?
  • Do you have a neutral background behind you?
  • Make sure that no one is making noises around you
  • Make sure you have a professional Skype name
  • Always watch in the camera while you are speaking

Did you know? “In the Skype application for example you can blur your background, in that case people will only see you and not what is behind you.

If you have your kids at home, it might be harder to focus on your fulltime job. But please, do not bring them to their grandparents. There are several communities that offer help to play (safely) with kids, in Facebook groups or the regional news they write about it, go check it out. You can also give them some little tasks at home that makes them spend time alone.

Come up with a system to let them know when it is okay to come in. Learn them to knock, maybe hang a green or red sign that respectively says yes you can come in or wait, I am in an important meeting.

For those who are forced to stay at home and are in need of a little alone time we have made a crossword puzzle that can help you pass the time. Go check it out! There are prizes to win.

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