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Why is Google such a good employer?

Every year, Google receives between one and two million letters of application. According to research, it is more difficult to be hired by Google than to be accepted at Harvard. But why is Google such an attractive employer? Besides a nice salary, health insurance and fringe benefits, Google offers its employees unthinkable other benefits.

For starters, the tech giant has magical office sites all over the world. In addition to the many tech experts, there are also nurses and doctors walking around. A toothache? Then just visit the campus doctor. Wish you had a new look? No problem, there is also a hairdresser on campus so you will look fresh again in no time!

You can’t think of it, from an extensive breakfast to a fancy lunch, all at the company’s expense. Moreover, Google uses a food labeling program based on color codes. This way they encourage their employees to eat healthy food.

Have you forgotten your cell phone or laptop charger at home? No problem, in almost all offices chargers come out of the walls and from the ground. So an empty battery of your cell phone or laptop is out of the question.

In addition to these benefits, employees also get the freedom to be enterprising and innovative. Google insists that all their employees spend 20% of their time on innovative passion projects. For example, Google Maps, Google Alerts and Google News are all the result of similar passion projects. Moreover, Google thinks it’s important that you try, failure is not a problem.

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