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6 tips for a successful interview

A job interview can give you some stress and preparations. Read our blog and that will all go away.

1. Dress for success

It’s common knowledge that you don’t show up in your sweatpants for a job interview. But don’t appear in shorts either. For men it’s better to wear long pants. Even if it’s 35 degrees outside. Prove that you can master the hot weather. Also, it is proven that men with a well ironed shirt were more appreciated than men with a basic T-shirt. It is not a must to wear a tie, depending on the function you are applying for.

Ladies, you are luckier when the sun shines bright, you can wear a dress or skirt with blouse. But, keep in mind, do not wear them too short or too small. Dress business wise, you are going to a job interview, not to the beach. Also, pants with rips in are not done for most employers. Do some research on how your future colleagues dress at the office.

2. Arrive 10 minutes early

Think in advance how you will get to the interview. If you have a car, check online how to get there which roads to take and how long you will be on the way. Ask also where to park best. Keep in mind that there might be traffic if your interview is around peak hour. If you do not own a car, ask the interviewer in advance if there is public transport around the company. When you decide to come by bike, leave on time so you can drive safely and slowly. Arriving sweaty doesn’t give the best impression either.

3. Do research about the company

Before you apply to a vacancy you should check the company’s website. You check what they do, their specialities, how the company branding looks, and if there are pictures of teambuilding’s or the team. Every enterprise has its personal tone of voice. Depending on the industry you work in and the size of the company you can imagine an impression of how it will be there. If the interviewer asks you a question about their core-business and you can’t answer, that doesn’t give the best impression of you. It is normal that you don’t know all the details yet. But the rudiments of the workflow are common knowledge.

4. Be honest

Be confident but stay honest. Do not exaggerate your skills. You can’t turn basic skills into excellent skills in 1-2-3. It takes time to become an expert. If you can only count to ten in German that doesn’t mean you master the language. And if you have only used a certain program in school two times, that doesn’t mean you are an expert. Mentioning that you are eager to learn new things and would like to evolve in certain assets gives a better impression than lying about your capacities. Also, prepare frequent questions like positive and negative aspects of yourself. Another popular one is: ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’

“It takes time to become an expert”

5. Don’t speak badly about your previous employer

Negativity doesn’t attract. If you want to change jobs because you do not like it anymore at your current job you can always mention that. Tell them that you don’t’ feel good, but don’t speak badly about other employees or your manager. They might think you will do the same to them. Try to make something positive out of something negative. For example: If you did not feel the teamspirit in your previous company say that you are looking for that in your next opportunity.

6. Do not forget to relax

Arriving sweaty is one thing, but being stressed is an equivalent. As cliché as it sounds, the best thing you can do is: be yourself. Do not pretend to be anyone else. That only gives you and the interviewer extra distraction. Always stay polite! If you are an impulsive person, a tip is: think before you speak. If you are rather introvert: think of a happy moment before you enter the office. That will make everything go smoothly.

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